CV: Hobbies & Interests

06.11.18 Jake Doron

CV interests and hobbies require a bit of explaining. Don’t include items like basketball, r...

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Cover letters - really?

27.09.18 Jake Doron

Do you really need a cover letter if a company doesn't ask for one? Composing a lot of cover...

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Der verflixte erste Satz

16.08.18 Jake Doron

Ein gutes Anschreiben sollte auf jeden Fall 3 Fragen beantworten: Warum dieses Unternehmen?...

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Big Data in Recruitment

16.07.18 Jake Doron

Recruitment is undergoing a lot of change thanks to data and analytics technologies. Automat...

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HARD facts - SOFT skills

23.04.18 Jake Doron

More and more companies seek further differentiators when looking for their next best candid...

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The Future of CVs

27.02.18 Jake Doron

How did you apply to your first job? Maybe you handed a resume and application to a receptio...

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