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Application documents are very often the first touchpoint with companies. This is why a meaningful application dossier is of significant importance. In this classroom we are happy to provide you with all the information you need to create succesful application documents. You will find CV-Templates, useful articles and more.


Our workshops and 1:1 counselling offers are highly appreciated among our students

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CV: Hobbies & Interests

06.11.2018 Jake Doron

CV interests and hobbies require a bit of explaining. Don’t include items like basketball, r...

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Cover letters - really?

27.09.2018 Jake Doron

Do you really need a cover letter if a company doesn't ask for one? Composing a lot of cover...

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Der verflixte erste Satz

16.08.2018 Jake Doron

Ein gutes Anschreiben sollte auf jeden Fall 3 Fragen beantworten: Warum dieses Unternehmen?...

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Big Data in Recruitment

16.07.2018 Jake Doron

Recruitment is undergoing a lot of change thanks to data and analytics technologies. Automat...

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Sebastian Rappen
Kira Zemp
Andreas Schwendener
Han Wang

Sebastian Rappen

I reached out to the CSC regularly and am grateful for their support and erudite advice. The CSC`s counseling has been crucial for my successful entry into the workforce. I was able to put the advice given to me directly into action and strongly recommend to leverage the professional advice of resume reviews and fruitful guidance of mock interviews the CSC offers.

Kira Zemp

The CSC offers students counselling, where they can get an objective perspective as well as constructive suggestions on their resumes and cover letters. From my personal experience, the individual consultation session was motivational and customized to my needs. The employees of the CSC were well prepared, considered my individual requests and were able to give me valuable advice on my application documents based on their experience.

Andreas Schwendener

Since I have never written an unsolicited application before, I greatly appreciated the professional help of the CSC. Mr. Winandi was very well prepared and showed me how I can adapt my CV and motivation letter even more precisely to match the desired branch and job.

Han Wang

Career Service is one of the most important aspects a school can offer. As an international student with a diverse educational, cultural, and linguistic background aiming at launching my career in Switzerland, I needed broad research, personalized solutions and hand-in-hand support. That was exactly what I received from the CSC.